Speech Control Act of 2018


If you can make a law regulating the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms that says you have to be 21 to buy an “assault weapon”, can’t you make a law “regulating” the First Amendment Freedom of Speech to say that you cannot threaten someone with bodily harm? Especially the President?

That makes more sense than restricting a good law-abiding person from buying a semi-auto firearm just because it looks like a military one and he is only 20 years old.
So, if a person says, “I’m going to punch your lights out,” That could be a low misdemeanor. “Five days or less, or if no imprisonment is authorized, as an Infraction.”
If a person says, “I’m going to kill you,” that can be a high misdemeanor. “One year or less but more than six months, as a Class A misdemeanor;”

If a person says, “Someone should kill the President,” that could be a low felony. “Less than five years but more than one year, as a Class E felony;”

If a person says, “I’m going to kill the President.” That could be a high felony. “Less than ten years but five or more years, as a Class D felony;

I think we need to call it “The Threat of Bodily Harm Control Bill of 2018,” It might be better to add it as an amendment to a Gun Control Bill.

Propose this Bill and see how the liberals scream bloody murder when you threaten their unrestricted “right” of Free Speech. But, to them, that is more sacrosanct than the 2nd Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

If you propose this bill, draft it and introduce it, it will show the ridiculousness of limiting a certain kind of weapon. This bill would certainly be more practical than limiting the purchase of firearms to those age 21 and older. Why? Because this bill would go directly to a person’s state of mind and it would only target individuals who may be irrationally violent, to the point of being mentally ill.

Introduce it as an amendment to their Gun Control Bill. If the amendment could be adopted by the Republican vote, then the Democrats would be in a real quandary; If they vote for a gun bill they will vote to restrict free speech. They won’t be able to go on CNN and threaten the President.

What do you think?

The Threat of Bodily Harm Control Bill of 2018
I did.

Written and proposed by Maury Jones, “Jonesy of Jackson Hole”

About Jonesy

Born and raised in Arizona. I've lived in Wyoming since 1983, currently in Jackson Hole. A lifetime of working with horses, taking tourists on trails in the high mountains, including scenic summer trips and fall hunting. I owned a gun shop for 5 years. I owned numerous other businesses over the decades. Active in conservative politics. So my "Cowboy Common Sense" draws on a LOT of life experiences.

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