Woman ordered to lie under oath

Dear American Patriot, This is how despicable our judicial system has become.  I, Jonesy, have been abused by the judiciary in a similar manner. After reading the below, if you are as incensed as I am, please send a snail-mail letter (not email) to the judge, to our Attorney General, and to President Trump. Their mailing addresses and my letter to them precede the message. Feel free to adapt it for yourself. Shorter is better. Just cut and paste and edit. This effort needs to go viral. It has nothing to do with the particulars of the case. It has…

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Trump is right about immigrants from some countries

President Trump is under tremendous pressure to simply allow all people anywhere, even from “s…hole countries” to immigrate without restriction. The linked article at the end is a sobering first-hand report of these countries that President Trump does not want immigrants from. Her first three paragraphs remind me of the culture shock I got in 1966 when I arrived in Korea to begin my Mormon mission. Signs on walls in alleys “Don’t poop here”  “Don’t pee here”, with a pile of human feces below the sign.  Men carrying “honey-buckets” down the street from your outhouse to his truck.  A lady…

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Jonesy is a racist

I get accused of racism frequently by liberals. Here was one of my recent replies. Tim accused me, Maury, of being a racist because I didn’t like Obama.

Gee, Tim, I didn’t know I was a racist. I’ve got a daughter-in-law who is black as the ace of spades–and her son, my grandson— has a brown skin. I love them both. My sister is full-blooded Navajo and I love her. I have quite a number of close friends who are Hispanic. Nolan was the Best Man at my wedding.  His mother was Mexican (we called them in those days). I was born and raised in southern Arizona so I had LOTS of Mexican friends while growing up. The Mormon Missionaries here in Jackson love me and I love them and they are Hispanic. A couple of my best friends are African American.

I guess I’ll have to repent from being racist. What do I do now, Tim? I’m at a loss as to know how to correct this flaw in my character.

Oh, I forgot one more thing, Tim, which shows the racist flaw in my character;

Last election I voted for Taylor Haynes for Governor of Wyoming. http://haynesonwyoming.com/
He’s a Wyoming cowboy who has either been out in the sun WAY too long or he is of African-American ancestry. His skin is b-l-a-c-k. (shudder) I voted for him. A really good man and a patriot with cowboy common sense.

We racists have no scruples: we will vote for the best person for the job no matter the color.

Oh, and by the way, I am also misogynist (noun: 1. a person who dislikes, despises, or is strongly prejudiced against women.) I didn’t like Hillary and didn’t vote for her. That is proof of another flaw in my character. In my defense, I loved my mother, I love my wife, I love my three sisters, I love my four daughters, I love my six granddaughters, and I love many many women for the beautiful people that they are–inside and out. I have a hard time reconciling that with my misogyny.

I’m working on my misogyny as hard as I’m working on my racism. Please help me, psychiatrist Dr. Welch.