Global Warming Hype

No doubt some of you think Jonesy is nuts for being a man-caused-global-warming denier or skeptic.

Just why does it get warmer and then colder on earth?  Why?  How?  What determines it?  Man’s pollution?  CO2?  Cosmic rays?  The Sun?  The ocean?  Just what?

Spend just 10 minutes of your time watching a portion of this video.

Begin watching at minute 28, for about 8 minutes, to minute 36. Particularly pay careful attention beginning at minute 35 through minute 36.  This examines the correlation of rising CO2 and arctic temperatures vs sunspot activity and arctic temperatures.  At minute 28:40 the video talks about weather forecaster Piers Corbyn who began in the 1980s to forecast the weather.  He was right consistently.  His forecasts were usually in opposition to the other weather forecasters.  “He was hailed in the national press (UK) as a “super-weatherman”.”  When have you ever seen a weatherman who is consistently right in his forecasts?  Weathermen are notorious for being paid to be wrong.

Watch those 8 minutes, 28:00 to 36:00.

Then watch the first two minutes of the video; exactly two minutes. That is the gist of the message in this video.

Then come back and read the rest of this, which explains why Jonesy converted from a brainwashed man-caused-climate-change believer to a skeptic.

If you choose to continue watching the video, at minute 36 it begins examining “The Coming Ice Age” predictions of the early 1970s.

I was in college through 1972 and I was brainwashed with their declarations that the earth was cooling because of burning fossil fuels in cars and coal-fired power plants.  The pollution we were putting into the air was shading the planet and by year 2000 we were not going to be able to grow crops because it would be too cold on the planet.  Glaciers were going to grow exponentially.  Mass-starvation was on the horizon.  I was a dumb college kid and swallowed their bull.  I was indoctrinated.  I was a “Coming Ice Age” believer.

Then in the ’80s they changed their tune and said the Earth is going to fry because of burning fossil fuel.  “Wait a minute!” I said, “Just ten years ago we were going to freeze.  I firmly believed it.  Now we are going to fry?  For the same reasons given, namely burning fossil fuel?”

A light went on in my head;  “They don’t really know.  They are just using this stuff for other reasons other than actual science.”  Thus was born “Jonesy, the-man-caused-Climate-Change/Global-Warming Skeptic”.  I saw how the proponents of either side of the argument—the coming freeze or the coming fry—were getting rich and famous expounding their dire warnings.  And I also saw that they didn’t live what they preached, which was/is a dead giveaway that they were/are dishonest in what they were/are advocating.  When there is money and fame at stake, you can SERIOUSLY suspect their motives are nefarious. Hypocrites!

Conclusion: Jonesy is not a fool in his beliefs about global warming or global cooling.  I was duped at first.  Then I started examining both sides, looking for the facts and not the hype.  I invite you to do the same.

I now rely on actual weather data and extensive research by accredited scientists who prove, with their research and graphs and recorded temperature data, why the temperature fluctuates.  No “computer models” in this video with the computer modeling “garbage-in, garbage-out” conclusions.  No scare tactics.  No “cooking the books”.  These scientists in this video use extensive research to show why the temperature on earth fluctuates.

Anyway, watch the eight minutes of the video, minutes 28 through 36, and then go back and watch the first two minutes of the video.  At the very least you will learn that Jonesy has reasons for believing that man-caused global warming is suspect.  I am not “confused”, “contrary”, “willfully dishonest”, “stupid”, “purposely obtuse”, or “really dumb”.  I believe the scientists that have extensively studied the issue.  They aren’t getting rich or famous from their claims and published reports.  Al Gore and his ilk are making millions from their hype.  So I believe you should really take a suspicious hard look at what the man-caused-global-warming advocates say vs what they do.


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Born and raised in Arizona. I've lived in Wyoming since 1983, currently in Jackson Hole. A lifetime of working with horses, taking tourists on trails in the high mountains, including scenic summer trips and fall hunting. I owned a gun shop for 5 years. I owned numerous other businesses over the decades. Active in conservative politics. So my "Cowboy Common Sense" draws on a LOT of life experiences.

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