Trust Trump on Gun Control

Trust President Trump on the Gun Control debate.

The Press and even Republicans are making a very big deal today out of Trump saying seize the guns, arrest him, and to hell with due process. Trump’s point was that he was talking about Nikolas Cruz and the fact that Cruz had been reported to be certifiably insane and violent and said he would shoot up a school. That is a felony to threaten to kill someone.
All Trump was saying was that there was probable cause to arrest him before getting a warrant, just as if you caught a person in the neighborhood of a burglary. So get his guns, throw him in jail, and then let the court investigate. Instead everyone is saying Trump is becoming a dictator and advocating ignoring due process. Not so.

Hear me out.

Trump also said he would consider raising the age to buy any firearm to 21. He even advocated it. Total outrage by Trump supporters. Trump also said negative things about the NRA, which also sparked outrage by our side. Trump is not stupid. Trump has a plan.

Again, hear me out.

Remember when Trump offered 1.8 million DACA illegals “a path to citizenship”? That is more than double what the Dims wanted. Our side was outraged that Trump would betray us. The Dims should have been overjoyed and accepted Trump’s offer, even with the caveat that Trump had to have his wall. What Trump was doing was showing the world that the Dims don’t care about DACA kids. All they care about is keeping the controversy alive in order to motivate their voters in November. The Dims backed off the DACA deal real fast when there was any chance that it might actually go through and give Trump his wall. It proves the Dims don’t really care about DACA. They care more about votes.

It is the same with the gun issue. Trump knows the Dims don’t want ANY kind of solution or progress on this front before the November elections. They want to beat Trump over the head with it, hoping that there are other school shootings between now and November. Trump’s plan to arm teachers stands directly in their way. Now, if a bill was actually passed and signed strengthening the background checks and raising the minimum age to 21 to purchase a gun, and extending all background checks to private sales, and banning all AR-15s, the Dims would be defeated because then the gun controversy would go away and that would be a win for Trump. The Dims would have nothing to motivate their base in the November elections, even if Trump lost some of his base because of it. So, if a strong gun-control bill happens to be introduced and gets any kind of support, at the last minute the Dims will introduce amendments that would be sure to kill the bill. Again, if a bill passes, the Dims lose a lot of motivation to hate Trump.

So Trump is being cagey like a fox, like he did with proposing a path to citizenship for 1.8 million DACA kids.

Don’t badmouth Trump. He knows what he is doing and knows how to play the Dimocrats. Give him credit for knowing how to manipulate the Dims.

UPDATE:  I was taken to task for denigrating the Democratic Party and calling them “Dims”.  Perhaps I should have been more kind.  Here was my reply;  Yes, I thought that maybe referring to them as Dims was not appropriate. However, any Party that blames that school shooting on the NRA and on Trump rather than on the insane shooter and the FBI and the Broward County Sheriff’s Department who were warned and warned and yet did nothing, deserves to be denigrated and referred to as a 20 watt bulb. And the Democrats were offered 1.8 million DACA, triple what Obama proposed, and they don’t want it because it might make the country feel good about Trump. It’s time the Democrats started doing what’s good for the country rather than their blind partisanship. Their hatred for President Trump is irrational. They truly have Trump Derangement Syndrome. Think about it: they were offered what they want. They refused it. That is just DUMB.”

So perhaps “Dims” is an appropriate word for them.  If they don’t want to earn that derogatory appellation, they can start acting rational.

They called me irredeemable, deplorable, redneck, racist, misogynist, and homophobe.  So I don’t really apologize for calling them Dims.

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