Fact-checking Trump’s lies using Cowboy Common Sense

President Trump made 8,158 false or misleading claims in his first two years

is the headline blazoned across the top of the page.

Yep, you are right.

Trump lied. He lies all the time.

He said the stack of hamburgers for the Clemson Team was “a mile high”. Some reporters from The Washington Post measured them and they came far short of being “a mile high”. Big lie. Huge Trump lie. Impeachable offense.

And Trump asked Russia to find the missing 30,000 Hillary emails. That’s proof that Trump was colluding with Russia and that Russia was taking orders from Trump. Trump/Russia collusion in spades. Absolute proof. Impeachable offense.

Trump said his Inauguration crowd was bigger than Obama’s. People enlarged the photos, counted the dots, and proved that Trump lied. Impeachable. Run him out of office on a rail.

Cohen said Trump told him to lie to Congress about building a Trump Tower in Moscow.  Not so fast, says Special Investigator Robert Mueller, thus disproving this one-more-lie allegedly told by Trump.  Never mind that building a hotel in Moscow is not against the law.  So why would Trump tell Cohen to lie about building it?  We Cowboys with Common Sense have a bad habit of asking those obvious questions.

You got us dumb cowboys. We give up. Trump is a liar.

By the way, did Hillary and Obama and Pelosi and Schumer lie when they said illegal aliens committed a crime to get here and that we need to deport them?  And then those legislators voted 40 billion or so to fund border security, including a wall.  Let’s certainly hope they were not lying or they can be accused of being bed-fellows and in collusion with Lying Trump.  (you can find videos on YouTube of these government officials saying the above in plain English)

Did President Obama lie when he said I, Cowboy Jonesy, could keep my healthcare plan if I like it? and that ObamaCare would save Cowboy Jonesy money on healthcare premiums? “Period.” A year after ObamaCare went into effect, and after three price increases that literally doubled my premiums, I got a letter that my plan no longer qualified for the ACA, therefore it was being discontinued. “Period.” I must have misunderstood what Obama said. I thought he said I could save money and still keep my plan. “Period.”

I’m sure glad Trump’s lies are superficial. None of Trump’s lies has ever cost me a dime.

On the contrary, I made money on one of Trump’s alleged lies.  The Dimms claim that one of Trump’s lies is that Trump’s tax cut only benefited “The Rich” and not the working stiff, as Trump claimed.  Cowboy Jonesy got a healthy raise, courtesy of Trump’s tax cut.  I am far from rich.  But I work for a rich man and my boss must have been out of his mind when he passed some of his tax savings on to Cowboy Jonesy.  Don’t the rich just pile their money in a room and bathe in it rather than give their employees a raise?

Fact-checking one more Trump Lie: This lie was listed in the article.

“Trump claim; “Heroin alone kills 300 Americans a week, 90 percent of which comes across our southern border.”
“Fact-Check; The 300-a-week number checks out. But while 90 percent of the heroin sold in the United States comes from Mexico, virtually all of it comes through legal points of entry.”

First, they admitted that Trump told the truth about the 300 dead from heroin each week.

Second, they admitted that Trump told the truth about 90% of the heroin comes from Mexico.

But then Trump’s supposed implied lie is that ‘a wall will stop the drug traffic’ whereas these fact-checkers claim a wall will not stop it because “virtually all of it comes through legal points of entry.” which already has a wall.

Note to you Fact-Checkers:  Trump never said that all of it comes through legal ports of entry. You so-called “fact checkers” said that. You lied.

I’ll demonstrate how you lied to try to prove that Trump lied.  You’ve got egg on your face from saying,  “virtually all of it comes through legal points of entry.” Hear me out.

The reason the “300 dead from heroin” Trump statistic can be fact-checked is we have hospitals and autopsies and morgues to count them and determine the cause of death.  300 die from heroin.  That is a fact.

The fact-checker admits “90 percent of the heroin sold in the United States comes from Mexico,” but then they claim “virtually all of it comes through legal points of entry.” That is a blatant lie, bigger than any lie Trump ever told. For that to be true, NO ONE with heroin would ever cross the border illegally between ports of entry. In other words, even though thousands and thousands cross the border between ports, where there is no wall, none of those have heroin on them to sell on the drug market once they get here, because “virtually all of it comes through legal points of entry.”

It is like you fact-checkers think the heroin smugglers and gangs have a code, similar to the Pirate Code of “Pirates of the Caribbean”—wherein cutthroat pirates murder and plunder and kill and rape, but wouldn’t think of violating their own Code.  Allegedly these heroin smugglers religiously adhere to The Code, that if these illegal invaders are carrying heroin they must make themselves go through a Port and try to hide it, rather than simply climbing through the two-strand barbed wire fence along 300 miles of the Arizona Border, or wading the Rio Grande on the East Side of McAllen, Texas where there is no wall or barrier.

I can see it now; Smuggler Jose’ says, “DANG! I’d like to wade the river at 2 AM to get into Texas, but I have heroin. So I’ve got to wait until daylight and go through the Port of Entry where there is a wall, because virtually all of it comes through legal points of entry. I’ll swallow these small bags of heroin before I “pass through” the Port and after I get into Texas I’ll got into a McDonald’s burger joint into their rest room and “pass through” my heroin bags, clean them up, and then go sell them.”

The ridiculousness of such a statement as “virtually all of it comes through legal points of entry.” is such a lie as to destroy any credibility these fact-checkers ever had, IF they ever had any.

The other voluminous lies that Trump allegedly tells fall into the same categories.  These alleged lies are as ridiculous as the common exaggeration “hamburgers piled a mile high”, or in the form of jokes; “maybe Russia can find the missing emails”, or lies on their face; “virtually all of it comes through the legal ports of entry.”

You people who accuse Trump of  8 billion lies are pitiful in the extreme. You simply have no credibility.

Let’s hear no more of “fact-checking” Trump’s lies.


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