“Universal Background Checks” for guns could trap YOU!

Well presented, from my brother, Ron Lee Jones

Recognize A Liberal Lie For What It Is
By Ron Lee Jones

Liberals want “Universal Background Checks” and they are so proud of that idea because they think it is a “common sense” approach that will curb gun violence. This is one of the proposed new laws in Virginia. A universal background check sounds so neutral . . . but only to liberals and the misinformed. Let’s be clear. It’s not neutral. It’s a lie. The liberals and the mainstream news media don’t want you to recognize it as a lie, but it is a lie.

Here’s the lie. The language of the law is not about a “sale” of a firearm. It’s about a “transfer” of a firearm. Any transfer (sale, gift, etc.) that does not involve a background check violates the law and triggers a felony committed by the transferor and a misdemeanor committed by the transferee. If you transfer a firearm, that often means a sale of a firearm. However, there are many other transfers that are not a sale. Some transfers are exempt from the law. If you give your son or daughter a .22 rifle for their 16th birthday, that’s a transfer under the law, but the law exempts that transfer from requiring a background check. There are a few other exempt transfers.

However, many benign transfers are not exempt and would be a violation without a background check. Here are some:

  • You are going to a baseball game with friends. You are almost to the safety checkpoint outside the doors and you suddenly remember you are carrying your concealed weapon. At the same time, your friend remembers that she’s also got her concealed weapon in her baby’s diaper bag. As she hands her gun to her husband you also hand your gun to her husband so he can return both weapons to the car. You and your friends just committed a felony and a misdemeanor.
  • Some friends are out hunting. One man shoots a deer and he and his son are going to drag it back to camp. One of the other hunters realizes his scope was damaged when he slipped and fell. The man lets the other hunter borrow the undamaged rifle to keep hunting and the man and son take the damaged rifle back to camp. Felony/Misdemeanor.
  • You are helping your friend move. You put some boxes in your truck and you and your friend drive different vehicles to the new location. One of the boxes in your truck contains your friend’s guns. Felony/Misdemeanor, probably for each gun.
  • You and your friend are at a mall that allows you to carry concealed weapons. You want to go into one of the stores but that store has a sign saying, “No weapons.” Your friend decides she will sit on a bench outside of the store and hold your gun (concealed of course) while you go inside. You carefully and discretely hand your gun to your friend so she can keep it for a few minutes while you go into the store. Felony/Misdemeanor.
  • Two young women are going to a concert together at the sports arena on a university campus. They both carry concealed weapons. They leave their guns in the car because the guns are not allowed inside the arena. After the concert they separate with different friends to go to a party. When the owner of the car drives her car over to the party where the other friend will then get her gun, both were involved in committing a felony and a misdemeanor.

Get the point! (That was an exclamation, not a question.) The liberal lie is that the media and liberals say the law applies to gun sales, but it actually criminalizes other times when law-abiding citizens innocently transfer their guns to someone else. The lie is that even though the transfer is safe and carries no criminal intent, it’s still classified as a felony and misdemeanor unless the parties involve a gun dealer to conduct an FBI criminal background check. As usual, the liberals ignore the impact of gun control on law abiding citizens and they argue that their gun control law will stop criminals. It will not stop criminals, but it will criminalize the conduct of law-abiding citizens when they exercise their God-given right to keep and bear arms.

Ron Lee Jones is an attorney and is the author of Emancipation Expedition, about self-defense and government corruption, and also Broken Bombs, about terrorists attacking the Phoenix area for a week of violent jihad and the armed citizens who stand and fight. Both fiction novels are available on Amazon in paperback and eBook formats, with audio versions coming.

PostScript by Jonesy and Karl:

And now that you have committed a felony as a law abiding gun owner you have lost your right to vote. Of course for the liberal agenda that’s okay because as a now former gun owner (remember as a felon you have to turn in all your guns) they really don’t want you voting anyway as you probably don’t support their liberal agenda.

And you also lose your right to vote, so there goes one Republican vote down the drain and the Democrats get closer to controlling everything.


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