Global Warming Baloney, again

A big New York Times article says “Earth Sets a Temperature Record for the Third Straight Year.” by Robert Tracinski

Excerpts from the article; “The number of relevant numbers in this [New York Times] article is: zero. We are not told what the average global temperature was, how much higher this is than last year’s record or any previous records, or what the margin of error is supposed to be on those measurements. …Yet that’s what passes for “science reporting” on the issue of global warming, where asking for numbers and margins of errors apparently makes you an enemy of science. Instead, it’s all qualitative and comparative descriptions. It’s science without numbers.”
The author, Robert Tracinski, tracked down the actual figures; warmer by 0.01 degree Celsius [one-hundredth of one degree]. Then he says, “For the benefit of science reporters and other people who are unfamiliar with the scientific method, let me point out that the margin of error for these measurements is plus or minus one tenth of a degree Celsius (0.1 C). The temperature difference that is supposedly being measured is one one-hundredth of a degree—one tenth the size of the margin of error. To go back to sports reporting, that’s like saying that the football is on the 10-yard line—give or take a hundred yards.
I, Jonesy, again say “horsefeathers” to global warming. Climate change, yes. The climate has been “changing” since the dawn of time. Measurable global warming, especially man-caused? No empirical evidence (that means no facts or numbers proving it).

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