Jonesy Sees Flying Saucers!

Lately there have been several reports in the news of experienced pilots seeing and video recording “unidentified flying objects”.

I’ve seen four UFOs in my lifetime. You may scoff, but hear my accounts.

1. In Korea, on my LDS mission in 1967, we were looking at a satellite slowly crossing the sky as they do. Looked like the typical satellite. Suddenly it “went into hyperdrive” and zoomed across the sky and out of sight in three seconds. Nothing on earth could move that fast. It did not leave a trail of fire as a meteor would do.

2. When I was in Issaquah, Washington, in December, 1968, there was a glowing light, shaped like a football, above a ridge and it kept moving and we followed it in our car. Finally it zoomed up in the sky and out of sight. Strange. This was in the same area that a boy had disappeared 7 months previous. “Eight year old David Adams vanished in May 1968 on a walk home from a friend’s house where he had been playing in his Issaquah, Washington neighborhood. He was never seen or heard from again, and a body was never discovered.” from this site.  In January 1969 I ate Sunday Dinner in the home of Don and Ann Adams. When commenting on how many kids they had, Ann said “five” and one of the kids said, “Mom, there are only four of us.” Ann said, “David is still our boy even though we don’t know where he is.” and she told the story of their boy disappearing. Heartbreaking. They had called the neighbors and asked them to send David home. Fifteen minutes later they called again and the neighbors said they sent him home right after the first phone call. David had to walk through a small patch of woods down a well-worn path, only about 200 yards long from the neighbor’s house to his house. Hundreds of people turned out to search for him, literally combing every inch of several square miles without finding a trace of young David. The other day my good friend, artist Jim Wilcox– Wilcox Gallery, mentioned in church that many years ago he was part of a search party for a missing boy near Seattle. I asked him the details and found that it was the same boy. Interesting coincidence. Could a UFO have abducted David? Or Sasquatch? Or a kidnapper? Rural quiet neighborhood. A great mystery. But that was a weird football shaped light going over the hills near Issaquah that I saw.

3. I went deer hunting north of Roosevelt Lake, Arizona, by Aztec peak, the first week of November, 1975. We walked up an old two-track road and my hunting partner stopped to wait for daylight while I continued up the road. Five minutes later suddenly the whole world turned as bright as noon-day, for about three seconds. I stood there astonished, trying to decide if I needed to go back to Tom or continue hunting. 15 minutes later, since nothing else happened, I went hunting. When I got back to Tom a couple of hours later I asked if anything unusual happened. He replied, “Five minutes after you left everything turned bright as day!” The next day we drove home and heard on the radio that some loggers near Snowflake claimed that one of their friends disappeared while looking at an alien spaceship. We called the Sheriff’s department in Globe and they said they had a lot of reports similar to ours. A few days later Travis Walton showed up naked, injured, and traumatized in Heber, Arizona. Look up “Fire in the Sky”, November 5, 1975.  Weird!  All involved passed lie-detector tests. My good friend, Dennis McMullin, said he knew Travis Walton several years later in Snowflake and he was “kind of different”, which is understandable.

4. The most spectacular one from my observation: Five of us were walking down the White Creek Road, 20 miles up Greys River road, here in Wyoming, leading our horses to the truck, about July 1989. We had had a long trail ride and had encountered several blowdowns across the trail, making for difficult detours, so we were very late getting back. It was dark, almost midnight. Clear sky with a lot of stars. There was a meteor shower going on and we saw one every minute or two. One came down right toward us, getting bigger and bigger, and we exclaimed, “It’s going to hit!” Then it suddenly stopped in the air above us. It looked like a large glowing volley-ball, white with lines on it, perhaps 500 yards in the air above us. It hovered there for about 30 seconds while we were almost speechless with astonishment. Then it moved slowly to the south, toward Mann Peak, then turned and zoomed up into the sky and was completely out of sight in about 5 seconds. Again, nothing on earth could have performed those maneuvers and then gone that fast straight up without any evidence of exhaust flames or smoke. We stood in the road for 15 minutes talking and all agreeing that what we had indeed seen was an “unidentified flying object”. We remarked that it did not leave a trail of fire coming down, as the meteors had. We speculated that at the distance above us that it appeared to be, the craft or object would have been of considerable size, “larger than a UPS truck”. Absolutely astonishing.

So, scoff if you will; I saw them with my own eyes. I don’t know what they were or what the true identification was/is. All I know is they were flying objects and I could not identify them.


About Jonesy

Born and raised in Arizona. I've lived in Wyoming since 1983, currently in Jackson Hole. A lifetime of working with horses, taking tourists on trails in the high mountains, including scenic summer trips and fall hunting. I owned a gun shop for 5 years. I owned numerous other businesses over the decades. Active in conservative politics. So my "Cowboy Common Sense" draws on a LOT of life experiences.

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