Compassion for “refugees”

Liberals have a lot of compassion for these poor refugees on our Mexican border “just seeking a better life”.

So let’s carry this to its logical conclusion.

Obviously if you don’t want to vet them and keep the vast majority of them out, then you believe in open borders. You don’t believe in the rule of law which sets forth criteria for allowing immigration into our country. Through the front door. By invitation.

If, tomorrow, we abolished Border Patrol and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and declared that all are welcome, what would happen? Within a very short time we would have a literal FLOOD of people pouring across our southern border. Millions of them. That is a fact. A veritable flotilla of ships of all shapes and sizes would be piling up on our shores coming from mostly poor nations; Africa, Mid-East, Venezuela, Haiti, etc. “But these are just poor people fleeing the poverty and corruption in their own country. We must be compassionate.”

We would have millions of people each year come into our country. We would have no idea who they are or where they came from. They may not share our values or heritage.

ISIS and the murderous radical Islamic Muslims (not the genuine religious Muslims; I’m speaking of the terrorist variety) would seize this opportunity to flood us with suicide bombers.

Our way of life, our nation, our cultural heritage, would cease to exist. All of our infrastructure and services such as hospitals and schools would be overwhelmed and shut down. Our job pool would be diluted, with resulting low wages and unemployment. Our voting ballots would be printed in a dozen languages and most of those invaders would vote for whichever party promised them the most goodies. Read Ann Coulter’s book, “Adios America: The Left’s plan to turn our country into a third-world hell-hole”. She spells out in detail what will happen if we don’t build the wall.

There is a reason we have borders and defend them. Yes, I have compassion, but not for the whole world to come to our country. First and foremost, I have compassion for my family, my neighbors, and our way of life. If these “refugees”, which are actually invaders, want to really make a difference they should rebel against their socialist governments. We rebelled in 1776. They need to rebel in 2019 and set up a free capitalist nation. If they would adopt our Constitution then they would see real change in their country.

One more thing: I’ve seen NUMEROUS photos and videos, from various sources, of these “immigrants/refugees” on our border at Tijuana and in the caravans coming north. A very few women and children. Mostly strong able-bodied well-dressed men. They are not starving refugees.

And no, the Democrats and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) do NOT want to secure our border and vet these people. If they wanted border security they would help us fund the wall.

I definitely want Congress to BUILD THAT WALL. That was my #2 issue in the election of 2016. (#1 was appoint Constitutional judges) Failure to build The Wall will allow drugs to continue to pour in to kill our kids. It will allow terrorists to come in the same way. And the allure of being able to sneak into our country will continue to pad the pockets of “coyotes” as they smuggle people in. Most of these “coyotes” are sexual predators on the women and children. Some men kidnap children as their “ticket” for entry, to keep from getting deported. The lack of a Wall is actually fomenting crimes against refugees desperate to get into the USA.

Border security is THE most important issue facing our country. Failure to secure the border with a significant wall will ultimately destroy our society.


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