Trump is right about immigrants from some countries

President Trump is under tremendous pressure to simply allow all people anywhere, even from “s…hole countries” to immigrate without restriction.

The linked article at the end is a sobering first-hand report of these countries that President Trump does not want immigrants from.

Her first three paragraphs remind me of the culture shock I got in 1966 when I arrived in Korea to begin my Mormon mission.

Signs on walls in alleys “Don’t poop here”  “Don’t pee here”, with a pile of human feces below the sign.  Men carrying “honey-buckets” down the street from your outhouse to his truck.  A lady inside a post office holding her 3 year old son in the corner so he could poop.  A woman in an open bus (seats only around the edges, standing room in the middle) finding a gallon can and squatting on it, her skirts affording some privacy, but she left the can and its disgusting contents there.

My companion and I tried to buy a rat trap to reduce the number of large rats in our living quarters.  Shop keeper, “Why do you want to kill them?  There will just be ten more come in their place.”  No cats in Korea…. we joked that the rats ate them. And few rat traps.

The culture was far different, too.  If you saved someone’s life then you were responsible for them for the rest of their life because “if it hadn’t been for you he wouldn’t be here.”

The common bribery of public officials;  every cab driver had small match boxes on their dash.  When arbitrarily pulled over by a cop they would speak respectfully to him and hand him a match box.  Inside was money, the Korean “Won” equivalent of an American ten bucks.  Of course Korea is much more modern now, but many countries that send us many immigrants are just as backward as Korea was in 1966.

My father and mother on a mission to Ghana, Africa reported that men would just sit around doing nothing while the women did the work.  My dad spent some of his free time filling potholes in the street and growing a garden.  The native men ridiculed him for doing so.

Read this article and see if you want to import that mentality to America.  Yes, people, her story is real.


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