Why Republicans lost the House

There were four main things that Republican voters put high on the priority of Trump’s agenda, which caused Trump to be elected;
1.  Supreme Court appointments who would rule according to the Constitution and not as an agenda
2.  Build the Wall
3.  Repeal ObamaCare
4.  Defund Planned Parenthood
Those things motivated the urge to vote for Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.

Trump could do the first without the House.  He did it, with the help of the Senate.  I commend Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell for supporting that.
The other three require House votes.  Paul Ryan, with the help of Mitch McConnell in some instances, was working against Trump.  There is no other possibility.
The conservative voters were furious at that, therefore some of them stayed home and didn’t vote.
Meanwhile the Left hatred for Trump knows no bounds and they fanned that hatred into “get out the vote” and “donate”.  Especially some super-rich donated.  That resulted in a barrage of negative ads against Republican candidates, including Senate candidates such as Martha McSally in Arizona.

That explains a lot about why Republicans lost the House and also lost some Senate races which they should have won..  The bulk of the loss could be laid at Ryan’s feet.

The new Republican minority needs to wake up and realize why they are now in the minority instead of controlling the committees.

Having said the above, I also believe there was massive voter fraud by the Democrats, which also explains some of the losses.  They are the ones who steadfastly refuse to allow voter ID laws.  The Dems are also the ones who yell “Voter Suppression!” when states and counties try to clean up voter roles by removing dead people and checking for duplicate votes.  If any person is opposed to voter ID laws, then they are advocating for voter fraud.

Jonesy of Jackson Hole

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Born and raised in Arizona. I've lived in Wyoming since 1983, currently in Jackson Hole. A lifetime of working with horses, taking tourists on trails in the high mountains, including scenic summer trips and fall hunting. I owned a gun shop for 5 years. I owned numerous other businesses over the decades. Active in conservative politics. So my "Cowboy Common Sense" draws on a LOT of life experiences.

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